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Our Beliefs

What do we believe?

As Christians we believe that everyone can enjoy a relationship with God the Father through knowing Jesus Christ and by the activity of his Holy Spirit.  In practice we come to know Jesus Christ through worship, prayer, study and spending time together.

We believe that God is passionately concerned about every aspect of our lives and that he longs for each one of us to live our lives in a way that honours him and demonstrates respect for other people and for the wonderful world he has created.

We believe that the Christian Church has a vital role to play, acting in partnership with God to see his kingdom established on earth.  The word “church” in this context refers to a gathering of believers who meet together to grow in their relationship with God and to seek how best to serve him in the world.

The Church in the Woottons is here for anyone who wants to explore his or her relationship with God.  The Church is here too for anyone who is looking for support, friendship or advice, and it is here to serve the local community in the name of Jesus Christ.

Do you want to find out more?  Please get in touch with us through the Rectory Office, or come and find us at Church.




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