Breakfast at 10

Drop in to Breakfast at 10 for delicious food, fresh coffee, chat, the Sunday papers, Bible story, songs and prayer.  Breakfast at 10 is usually held on the first and third Sundays of each month




What is Breakfast at 10?

Breakfast at 10 is a relaxed informal setting for children and adults alike to learn about God, prayer, Christian beliefs and to experience the support of the church community. It is a form of worship which children very much enjoy because of its laid back interactive approach which seeks to include and encourage children to take part.

 Tables are set up in an informal ‘cafe’ layout . Each Sunday we have a theme and we have a range of crafts exploring that theme, newspapers to read and quizzes to do. Breakfast is served from 10.00am offering bacon butties or sausage sandwiches, toast, muffins, tea and coffee. 

The service itself has a flexible format but often has several songs, some with actions for all to learn and take part in. A bible story which is usually dramatised with the help of willing volunteers, a talk by the service leader which can be interactive and a short time of prayer which children are included in. At the end of the service, children are encouraged to show their works of art. The style is easy going, informal and friendly. It is an enjoyable way of mixing with the wider church community and taking part in a form of worship which includes everyone. It is a very good place to explore the ideas of Christianity and faith for those who are new to the church and an opportunity to embrace new ideas and ways of worship for those who have been attending for some time.


Breakfast at 10
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