We at the Church in the Woottons invite you to come and celebrate Easter with us.  Easter overshadows even Christmas as the most important period in the Church’s Year.  The events of the very first Easter changed the world and its destiny for ever.

9th April - Palm Sunday  - All Saint’s Church 8.30am Palm Sunday Holy Communion and 10.00am Palm Sunday Service. On Palm Sunday we mark the day when Jesus made his “Triumphal Entry” into Jerusalem making his claim to be the rightful king.  We will remember how crowds of people welcoming him into the City and praising his name quickly became baying crowds demanding his death.  At the service we give everyone a Palm Cross representing the palm leaves and branches that were waved at Jesus and laid before him as he rode with his followers into Jerusalem.

13th April - Maundy Thursday – All Saints Church 7.00pm Holy Communion.  On Maundy Thursday we focus on the Last Supper.   Jesus celebrated the ancient Jewish Passover Festival with his disciples with the highly symbolic Passover meal.  At the end of the meal he broke bread and poured out wine while he explained to his disciples that these were symbols and actions representing his imminent death on the Cross – his death would inaugurate a whole new era – often called the “New Covenant” when God’s relationship with the world, and people’s relationship with God would be changed for ever.

14th April Good Friday – All Saints Church 2.00pm Good Friday Service and Easter Garden making activity for children. Good Friday is the most sombre day of the Church’s year when we remember and reflect on Jesus’ death on the Cross.   Through Bible readings the story will be retold and we will be encouraged to think about the enormity of what God did for us through Jesus’ death and what his death means for each of us.  At the back of Church, under the tower, children will be able to make special Easter Gardens for each Church in the Woottons.  Easter Gardens are beautiful reminders of the Easter story - the sorrow of what happened on Good Friday, and the joy and wonder of Easter Day.  

16th April Easter Day  - St. Mary’s Church Easter Day Holy Communion services at 8.30am and 10.00am.  Also Easter Day will be celebrated at Breakfast at 10 at South Wootton Village Hall 10.00 – 11.30am.